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Dog is my co-pilot.

Got 3, love 'em all. The are kinda "kids light". I never mind leaving 'em with my mom....or, for that matter by themselves overnight. ( think I could get into trouble if'n I did that with a 7 year old kid ). Jana shows, grooms and breeds our breed, Cairn Terrorist...uh, terriers....Like Toto on the Wizard of Oz.(I am lucky we only have three). Big dog in a small dog body. Our male Winston is "my boy". He IS the perfect dog. I would clone him if I could....maybe soon.
I still love dogs even though one bit me on duty two weeks ago......bit me on the thigh.....two inches to the left and my voice would have been MUCH higher.

And with no kids....I can almost afford to build a plane

As to flight line chairs, when business slows for Len from Osh, maybe we can open the market to dog shows. Did y'all see their ad in KitPlanes this month? There is also a picture of my chair from Len and Dani on a pix site from the Velocity Symposiom from two weeks ago

All the best,

Chris Barber
Houston, Texas
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