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Default Three questions

Q.1. The Long Ez plans show the outer rib of the fuel tank at BL 45 and the remaining section of the strake is then faired to mate with the wing. I used Task strake leading edges and baffles/ribs and got a real good match with the wing. Before fitting the wing top I wish to enquire if anyone ever considered extending the fuel tank out to the end rib (c. BL 55). Is this acceptable Or is there a prohibition on this? Would this have a negative effect on centre of gravity?

Q.2. Way back a long time ago there was an article in either CP or CSA newsletter about using -3 aluminium tubing in the brake lines in place of nylaflow tubing. Since then I have never seen anything about the success or otherwise of the -3 aluminium tubing. Has anyone triode this? Was it successful? Is -3 big enough?

Q.3. I have original brake discs (single puck) on 500/5 wheels. Can I fit double puck brake discs on these wheels? Can anyone provide the reference number and source please.
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