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Old 07-05-2005, 11:05 AM
Dale_R Dale_R is offline
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Default Alternate Supplier of machined parts


I am a machinist by avocation. I'm making as many of the parts for my
COZY as I possibly can, which is pretty much everything that doesn't
require welding (and it may not be much longer before that is no
limitation.) Whatever I've already made, or already have the tooling
set up to make, I've offered to make for anyone else who is having a
problem with Brock - either their delivery schedules or their QA (or,
rather, lack thereof) - or just likes the features of my parts better
than the "stock" item.

A home machinist for over 20 years, I got my start, nearly 40 years
ago, as a machine operator in an aerospace shop, to supplement my
meager Air Force pay. I spent a little over a year as an apprentice
in a shop that made aerospace fasteners (SPS-Western, 1970-71) hoping
to become a tool and die maker. A slump in the aerospace industry
redirected my primary career into the computer industry.

Bear in mind, my shop equipment is state-of-the-art ... for 1942.
No CNC here, so I'm doing this for love, not money ['though you might
not think so from the prices - however, on one project, I discovered
- after the fact - that I'd been working for about $2.50/hr. <:0 ]

I hope you'll forgive me for being so verbose in this, but I included
the introductory material so that you'll have some idea of where I'm
coming from.

Here's what I have to offer, so far - (Updated 27-Jan-2006)

Ch. 16:
4 variants of control rod inserts - all are 1.375" long overall (my
originals were longer than really needed to insure that the
HM-4/MM-4 shafts wouldn't bottom on the rivets); have 1/4-28
threads that are at least 2 * diam. deep (1/2"); have 1/2" diam.
heads that are 1/4" deep:

PN: Material: Step diameter:
CS1-C 2024 AL 0.441" (for 0.028" wall tubing) $6.25/ea.
CS1-D 2024 AL 0.427" (for 0.035" wall tubing) $6.25/ea.
CS50-C 304 SS 0.441" (for 0.028" wall tubing) $7.50/ea.
CS50-D 304 SS 0.427" (for 0.035" wall tubing) $7.50/ea.

The AL parts have swaged threads (internal equivalent of external
rolled threads) rather than cut. Also, the AL parts are primarily
intended for EZ builders who are using 2024 control tubing up
front. They are not recommended for use in the engine compartment -
per Burt Rutan (however, if you have a fire back there that is hot
enough to melt your control rods/ends, you probably won't have
control _surfaces_ long enough to get back down safely anyway.)

If you have special needs (e.g. tubing that is just a skosh too
thick or thin) I can make them a little smaller or larger for the
same price. Lead time is about a week.

Ch. 9 - Main Landing Gear
Someone asked me if I could supply MKMG-4 bushings. Yes. Then
matters got very involved. I sent bushings made to the maximum
spec (0.502"). I was told they were too loose. Long story short,
I ended up making a set of bushings .002 _undersize_ in order to fit
this party's undersized MK100 studs (and match the smaller diameter
of the TAPERED (probably made with a worn-out reamer) MKMGA bushings,
which were 0.501" at the outer end but only 0.497" - 0.498" at the
inner end.) The result is, I now have a set of reamers that allow me
to custom fit bushings to your needs.

MKMG-4 Bushing
0.501: inner diam. (Standard bushing +/- 0.001" $17.00 ea.

Variants for special needs:
0.502: inner diam. (fits everything, but at maximum clearance) $18.00 ea.
0.500: inner diam. (minimum diam. of spec. - may not fit some $18.00 ea.
heavily plated MK100 studs.
0.498: inner diam. (for MK100's that have been shaved down to $19.00 ea.
fit undersize or tapered-hole MKMGAs)
Special lengths (longer or shorter than the 1" plans spec.) $19.00 ea.

Then came the announcement about the two failures of main gear
mounting sleeves. Now I see why - with the entire load of landing
being born by the inner end of the pressed-in bushings, that's where
all the stress will be inside the sleeve. Following Bob Oertel's
lead, I'm toolingup to produce a one-piece replacement for the
MKMGA ass'y, but from 304 SS, instead of 4130.

This price will last as long as I can continue to get a "friendly"
price on the 304 bar stock:

MKMGA-C Sleeve $50.00 ea.

Ch. 13 - Rudder Pedals

These are basically the same actuators that I made for Brian DeFord:

They will look a little different, because I'm using a different
production method.

BAFHP - Brake Actuator $80.00/pair
connecting rod from hanging pedal to brake master
cylinder, with slotted fork.


LWA9 bushings (12 required) $ 7.50/ea.

As I add items, they will be posted to this page on my builder's web site:

I am open to making parts that I haven't yet made for my airplane,
but I won't know how to price them other than to ask whatever Brock
is, unless I find that I can produce them more easily than the price
would indicate.

Some parts, such as the stamped items, I don't anticipate offering
for sale, because I can't make them economically enough to be worth
the effort.

Others, such as the billet nose gear fork ass'y I'm working on (I
don't like castings), I will not offer until my airplane is flying
and their durability has been thoroughly proven.

I am also open to special requests. That is how the BAFHP came into

Dale Rogers
rogersda [at] myway [dot] com

!!! Please put the word "canard" somewhere in the subject line,
so that my SPAM filter won't flush your message. !!!

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Old 07-05-2005, 11:15 AM
John Slade's Avatar
John Slade John Slade is offline
Flying TurboRotaryCozyIV
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Excellent, Dale. Where were you 5 years ago
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Old 07-07-2005, 12:45 PM
Dale_R Dale_R is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Mesa, AZ
Posts: 53

Originally Posted by John Slade
Excellent, Dale. Where were you 5 years ago
Turning out custom tool sets for saddle makers;wishing I had enough money to purchase plans; waiting for youngest child to molt into adulthood and flee the nest.

COZY MkIV-R13b #1254
Ch's 4, 5, 9, 16, & 23 in-progress
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Old 04-03-2007, 02:23 PM
Dust's Avatar
Dust Dust is offline
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So, what parts have you made for which planes?
Enjoy the build,njut av byggandet, godere il costruire, nyd bygningen, geniesse den Bau, apolafse tin kataskevi, disfrute la construcción, curta a construção, Pidä hauskaa rakentamisen parissa, bouw lekker,uživaj grade?inaslajdaites postroikoi, geniet die bou

maker of wood, fiberglass, foam dust, metal bits and one day a Cozy will pop out and swiftly whisk me from meeting old friends and family to adventures throughout the world
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Old 04-04-2007, 09:41 PM
Dale_R Dale_R is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Mesa, AZ
Posts: 53
Default Update!!!

Originally Posted by Dust View Post
So, what parts have you made for which planes?
So far, COZY MkIV.

I don't know the actual part number, but I've also made the COZY III equivalent of my version of the MKMGA (maybe MGA?). It's just a smaller diameter - inside and outside - part for for the smaller -6 bolt that attaches the MLG to the fuselage.

In either case, my parts are machined from a single piece of 304 SS, not the assemblies of dissimilar materials that Brock made. Why? See the April 2005 edition of the Central States Association newsletter.

I haven't added any new parts since my original posting. When CG Products came out with duplicates of nearly everything I was making, I stopped adding to my shelf stock. I still have a full set of CS50-D (304SS) and CS1-D (2024-T3) on the shelf. If someone buys them, I'll make more. I also have one set of MKMGA-C1 tubes and MKMG-4 bulkhead bushings, and I should be finished with a second set shortly after mid-April.

Production of the brake forks is on temporary hold, pending a redesign of the production process. If someone really, really needs a set right away, I have some semi-finished blanks that will produce serviceable parts, but they won't be perfect matches, esthetically.

Dale R.
COZY MkIV-R13B #1254
Mesa, AZ
Ch's 5, 9, 16 & 23 in progress
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